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About the Site

Sex toys.

They’re wonderful. They’re potentially life-changing. They can be the difference between a person’s sexual happiness and being stuck in the doldrums.

But can we really afford them?

It’s no secret that Britain is currently going through harsh times and, in such times, sex-related merchandise is often seen as a commodity best dropped from the shopping list. Well boo to that, say I.

Sex is great, and sex toys can enhance a person’s pleasure beyond measure. Surely something like that is worth the money.

However, with so many choices where does one begin?

Dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, vaginal balls, cock rings, fleshlights, there’s so many things to consider! And with a limited budget it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re getting the right toy for you. That’s where this site comes in.

Emmeline Peaches Reviews is an adult review site, looking at sex toys and other adult-related merchandise. It aims to be as informative as possible. Honesty is certainly the policy when it comes to these reviews.

Emmeline Peaches Reviews practices sex and body positivity and strives to stay as gender neutral as possible in an attempt to give every person out there a chance to pick the toy they think is right for them.

Emmeline Peaches Reviews understands that not everyone has big bucks to be spending on sex toys. As such the reviews on here won’t be limited by price. If a toy is cheap and body safe we’re just as likely to review it as we are big name products. In both cases we will always give the best review we can, so that you feel informed about your purchase–whether it’s an inexpensive treat or a luxurious investment.

Put simply we love sex toys and we want you to love them too!

About Emmeline 

Emmeline Peaches is a bisexual, cisgendered female happily engaged to a male partner.

Her early sexual experiences lead to the discovery that she was suffering from something called Vaginismus (an involuntary tightening of the muscles surrounding the vagina, making sex incredibly painful).

Undeterred, Emmeline took to her local sex store and started informing herself about the wonderful world of sex and sex merchandise. With time, determination, and a bullet vibe, Emmeline eventually managed to overcome her condition and gained an unyielding love for sex toys in the process.

Having experimented with various toys for a few years, Emmeline decided to start a sex toy review site in order to help other people gain the positive sexual experiences that they deserve. She’ll be doing so with the passive assistance of her lovely partner, who will provide insights when it comes to penis-pleasing sex toys that Emmeline can’t quite do justice.

Emmeline Peaches’ Lovehoney profile page can be seen here.

Contact Us

Are you a company that wants me to test and review a product for you? Are you just a fan who wants to make a request or recommendation? Either one is great so please feel free to get in touch using the contact form below.


This site contains content of an adult nature (inc. sex toys, erotica, and frank discussions about sex and sexual organs). Anyone who is under the legal age in their country to view adult-orientated material or who is of a sensitive nature when it comes to sex should not view this blog.


Emmeline Peaches Reviews is a personal blog written primarily by a single author (with occasional insights from her partner).

I am not paid to review sex toys, however, I do occasionally receive free or discounted samples in exchange for an honest review of the product. They key word here is honest. I will never sugar coat a review because I received the item for free. Both my readers and those who send me free samples want the truth, and that is what I provide.

Where possible I will let my readers know who sent me the free/discounted product in the spirit of full disclosure.

Emmeline Peaches Reviews is also a member of a few affiliate programmes focused on adult products. If readers decided to purchase via affiliate links Emmeline Peaches Reviews does earn a percentage. Where possible, though readers will be made aware of affiliate links so that it is their choice whether or not to use them.

Using these links helps secure the ongoing success of Emmeline Peaches Reviews, but no reader should feel obligated to use these links. If you do decide to use these links then we thank you, in advance, for your ongoing support.

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