Toy Review: Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring

Apparently this cock ring was voted #1 male sex toy by Men’s Health Magazine. So, does it really deserve that title?

A sleek, black design leaves this cock ring with an impressive appearance.

A sleek, black design leaves this cock ring with an impressive appearance.

The Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring looks very appealing on first inspection. Made of sleek, black silicone, this cock ring does have a bit of a rubbery feeling to it compared to other silicone products. But it’s also quite reliable (I’ve tugged it around a bit) and the bullet vibe that it comes with is silky smooth.

It comes with two rings—one that is meant to be slipped onto the penis and another meant to be wrapped around the testicles—providing a secure fit that has yet to slip or uncomfortably reposition when me and my partner have used it. This security is a great assurance, and gives the testicles a lift, as well as helping maintain the user’s erection.

The ring intended to go around the penis has balls running around it to provide some texture for the user. These are a great addition and my partner has assured me that they don’t go amiss during use. Apparently these balls provide the most sensation during ejaculation, enhancing the orgasm that the user feels.

However, this toy’s main texture focus seems to be for those with a clitoris. The toy comes with a bullet sleeve that has raised nodules running all the way across it, culminating in a slightly larger nodule in the centre. The bullet provided also has 5 different vibration modes, adding a bit of buzz into the mix.

With these two things in mind it’s clear that the Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring has put a lot of thought into how this might work as a couples toy (with the experience of vagina owners kept closely in mind) but the sleeve and bullet didn’t necessarily wow me.

The vibrations that the bullet provides are, in my opinion, slightly weaker than other, similar bullets on the market, and it sacrifices the typical 3-speed increase (in favour of a 2-speed increase) to provide more patterns. I did feel like this was a legitimate loss, because most people that I know don’t bother too much with patterns, and would rather just have a choice of consistent speeds.

I also found that the sleeve didn’t stay near my clitoris long enough to provide me with fulfilling vibrations or offer a full experience of the textures on the sleeve. As such, the textured sleeve kind of got forgotten about during the act, though I cannot argue that the ring gave my partner all the other benefits that it promised.

This may not be a problem for everyone, and some of it is due to my personal preferences. I tend to like having my clit vibrators consistently on my clit and, as such, the fleeting moments that I got with the cock ring’s bullet were not going to meet my personal standard. I’ve also got to the point where I am a bit of a power queen, and most bullets leave me generally unimpressed. So, fair to say, I’m not this product’s target audience.

Those who do appreciate bullet vibrators, though, will probably appreciate the vibrations that the Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring has to offer, and it’s not something that I would feel guilty recommending to beginners. If the bullet is too weak for you, you can also take the bullet vibrator provided out and switch it with a different bullet vibe that you prefer more; a nice forethought from Lovehoney.

Other reviews of this cock ring also make it clear that the textures on the sleeve do work for some wearers, so this is just a case of how the toy fits with your body. I can’t say it will please everyone, but it’s proven to please some.

Users who have pubic hair might also want to be a bit cautious when putting this toy on and taking it off, because it can try to grab itself a few. This is due to the silicone material used; which tends to like to gather dust and hair as a rule of thumb, so washing it thoroughly is a must.

All of these things are worth considering when it comes to buying the Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring.

As a cock ring, though, this toy really does do the job. It keeps the penis firm, extends the experience, and provides pleasure upon ejaculation. The bullet and sleeve are just an added bonus, which will excite some people but not others. Either way at £14.99 I would say that this cock ring was worth a purchase.

The #1 male sex toy? I probably wouldn’t go that far. What it is, though, is a decent, secure fitting cock ring, with a reasonable price tag.

Do Recommend to:

People looking for a durable, reliable cock ring.

People who want a cock ring to please both partners.

People who like bullet vibrators.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who crave power in their vibrators.

People who need consistent clitoral stimulation.

People who just want a cock ring and nothing more.

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Toy Review: Bad Dragon’s Elden the Faerie Dragon (Small Size/Medium Firmness)

Bad Dragon toys always feel like a treat, and Elden the Faerie Dragon is no exception. This toy is tantalizingly textured, with just a few downsides.

About Bad Dragon

For those who don’t know, Bad Dragon you might be in for a shock. Bad Dragon markets itself with the promise of ‘making fantasies real’ and, as such, most of their toys are inspired by mythical beasts—dragons, werewolves, griffins.

The company also does some toys based on animals (which might be off-putting for some) but, regardless of their influence, Bad Dragon toys are original, wonderfully creative, and brilliantly textured. This means that, even if you don’t want a romp with some fantastic creature, Bad Dragon’s toys can provide a pleasurable experience.

All of Bad Dragon’s toys are made out of high quality silicone, which means you can’t use silicone lube on them, but it also means that they’re nonporous and free of any nasty chemicals that you’d want to avoid. In addition to this you can customize the size, firmness, and colour of your toy, so you really do feel like a kid in a candy shop when looking through their site. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve browsed through bad Dragon’s product page and made up a hypothetical wish list, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done it more time than I should.

Bad Dragon also has ‘Adoptions’ available—toys that aren’t quite perfect, but that are perfectly fine to use, sold at a discounted price—so there’s always a chance to grab up a bargain toy if you’re not too picky.

It’s all of these particulars that make Bad Dragon feel like a wonderfully naughty treat, but does the Elden live up to expectations?

Elden the Faerie Dragon


The Elden is a delight to look at.

My Elden is small with a medium firmness and it looks absolutely gorgeous. I’ve found this to be the case with all of the Bad Dragon toys (and no photo ever seems to do them justice). I would honestly be happy to display my Elden proudly on a shelf if I didn’t think it might cause some red cheeks when friends and family visit. All of the textures on the Elden are very pronounced, and add a level of sensual elegance to the toy.

These textures are what really shine through with the Elden when using it. The ridges on Elden’s shaft are great for a little bit of clitoral tease (which ticks one of my core criteria) and they can be used as an effective build up before using it for penetration. When it comes to penetration the ridges of the Elden are what really stand out. All of the other bumps and contours on the shaft also join in with the fun providing very pleasurable sensations.

Thanks to the shape of the Elden the knot of this toy (where you’ll find the main bulk) is not too hard to insert, and with a little bit of play you should be able to guide it into yourself with ease. This was my experience when I used it vaginally, though I should stress that those who use it anally might find the experience different.

Inserting and removing the knot from the vagina causes a very distinct feeling. I found it similar to inserting and removing kegel exerciser balls, except with more girth to it.

All of this means that the Elden is a very nice product which offers two types of experience. If you just focus on the shaft then you can have a great time playing with the sensations that the texture provides, and if you start playing with the knot then you also get to experience a more girthy and pronounced type of play. But, of course, the Elden isn’t without some faults.


The Elden’s tip is an acquired taste.

The Elden has a rather sharp, almost triangular tip, which looks kind of like a love heart or a petal. Personally I found this tip too pointed and, at times, it has felt like this tip was scraping the inside of my vagina, which is not a pleasurable experience.

With all of the textures on the base of this toy I had also hoped that it would provide some clitoral stimulation while inserted. Sadly, for me, this isn’t the case, as the base if way too far away from the clitoris when inserted to ever be able to fulfil this purpose. Now, I’m not an unrealistic person, and I know that most dildos aren’t meant for clitoral fun times. But this toy bypassed the option to insert a cumtube in order to maintain its highly textured base and, with such a sacrifice, I had expected some kind of alternate benefit.

But both of these things are personal gripes and not necessarily fundamental issues with the toy. If, like me, you don’t like the tips of your toy to be too pointed, or had really hoped that the base of this toy was more than just aesthetic, then these issues are things to keep in mind, but I don’t think that they really detract from the overall quality of this toy.


SIze comparison between the Elden and a 225ml bottle of Sliquid.

That being said, if you’re a size queen I’d steer clear of the small Elden and try one of the heftier options. I’m no craver of girth but even I feel like I might benefit from purchasing a medium Elden. However, I do think this toy is a perfect Bad Dragon dildo for beginners. It’s small, yet elegant, the knot on it isn’t too intimidating but will provide users with a sample of what a knotted toy can offer, and all of Elden’s textures showcase the tactile delight that Bad Dragon toys so often provide.

Elden the Faerie Dragon provides a delightful experience while also being capable of easing newcomers into the world of Bad Dragon toys, and I would definitely recommend it for those with a fancy for fantasy.

Do Recommend to:

Newcomers to Bad Dragon toys.

Appreciators of texture.

People who want to indulge a particular fantasy.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike pronounced tips on their toys.

People who prefer sizeable dildos.

People who want a clitoral attachment on their dildo.

Toy Review: Lovehoney BASICS Love Egg


The Lovehoney BASIC Love Egg has a simple but effective design.

I had high hopes for this love egg. I had wished that I would be able to sing the praises of a Love Egg that is both enjoyable and affordable. Unfortunately the Lovehoney BASICS Love Egg did not meet my expectations and leaves me sighing, thinking that perhaps I set my hopes too high.

The Lovehoney BASICS Love Egg does have some good things going for it. The design of the Love Egg is simple but effective. It have a nice controller, with a simple side-scroll system, and a nice egg, which is a good shape for general play, as well as being able to hit sweet spots (such as the clitoris).The wire is long enough to enable couples play and the toy is made of plastic, so it’s rather easy to clean.

Unfortunately the vibrations of this toy just don’t deliver, and that is a shame because I really wanted to like this toy. When I first turned the toy on things seemed to be hopeful. The vibrations of this toy have a slow rumble about them on the lowest setting, and the potential of those vibrations just getting stronger put a smile on my face.

Alas, on the lowest setting I could probably get more pleasure from the vibrations on my phone. I actually had to tell my partner to stop using the first few settings because, far from the ‘teasing’ effect that the toy intends, those settings are painfully frustrating with how weak they are.

So you’d think that as the settings went up and the strength increased I’d be happy right? Wrong. Sadly on the higher settings the vibrations of this toy become very, very buzzy and surface level.

Now I’m sure that there are some people who will like this toy and, if the reviews on Lovehoney are anything to go by, it does have redeeming qualities.

If you’re looking for a toy that can provide gentle vibrations, but that also has the versatility to change things up, then this toy might excite you. If you don’t mind buzzy vibrators then you also might get along with this toy—as its higher setting does get quite powerful. And if both of these criteria appeal to you and you’re looking for something to use with your partner then you might have just hit a winner. But I can’t, in good faith, recommend this toy personally.

I asked my partner what he thought about the toy and he had the following to add:

For £10 more you could probably buy a different toy and get more bang for your buck.

And I’m inclined to agree with him.

The Lovehoney BASICS Love Egg is the only toy to have ever numbed out my clit so much with its buzziness that I couldn’t continue to enjoy my toy session, and that isn’t an accomplishment that you want from your sex toy.

Do Recommend to:

People who don’t mind buzzy vibrators.

People who want a couples toy with a simple control system.

People who are sensitive to gentle vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike buzzy vibrations.

People who are used to strong toys.

People who have sensitive genitals.

Product Review: Mooncup Menstrual Cup

My Mooncup holds a special place in my heart.

For years I sighed when Auntie Flo came to visit; thinking my only two options were a wad of absorbent material which dried my up inside or a sticky towel which sat awkwardly on my undies and caused general discomfort. But no more, and all thanks to the Mooncup.

The Mooncup is literally a little menstrual cup which is inserted into the vagina and can stay in there for up to 8 hours (depending on how heavy or light your periods are). It’s made of medical grade silicon, it latex-free and hypoallergenic. It contains no BPA, phthalates, plastic, bleaches or toxins.

Because it’s made of silicone the chance of getting Toxic Shock Sydrome are highly unlikely, but Mooncup are cautious so they’ve still made the effort to put a page up about it just in case.

As the Mooncup is reusable it also means that you can save on having to constantly purchase tampons and/or sanitary towels. So, while the initial investment in a Mooncup can seem a bit expensive, the product pays for itself in a few months.

Since I bought my Mooncup I’ve only had to buy a few sanitary towels, and that’s because I prefer to use them at night. Regardless I’ve found the Mooncup to be worth every penny. When using the Mooncup I often feel like I’m not even on my period and can get on with my day without worry.

The Mooncup does have some downsides though. If you don’t like getting up close and personal to your body then you might have a problem with the Mooncup–as you need to rinse it out manually every time you remove it from your vagina. Some people have also reported a growing smell which they found to be unpleasant, but I haven’t had any such issue with my own cup.

The only personal problem I’ve had is that I can sometimes feel a certain amount of pressure when I’m using the Mooncup which can aggravate my cramps. This means I’m less likely to use it on days that are particularly painful. But, again, this varies from person to person, and the Mooncup page even reports that some people have found that it reduces their pain.

There’s a lot more that I could say about the Mooncup, but most of it is covered extensively on their page. So what are my final thoughts on this product?

The Mooncup saves on money, stops most discomfort related to sanitary products and has all of the benefits of a Tampon without all the nasty side effects.

The cup comes in two sizes–one for those who are over 30 or have given birth vaginally and one for those who are below 30 or gave birth through a caesarian–and typically costs £19.99. For all the hassle this product saves on I can definitely recommend it.

I love you Mooncup.

Recommend to:

People who want a reusable sanitary product.

People who don’t mind being intimate during their period.

People who are environmentally conscious.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who don’t like to be intimate during their period.

People who don’t like insertable sanitary products.

People who might be sensitive during their period.

Toy Review: Rocks Off RO-120MM Vibrating Bullet


The RO-120mm is an unintimidating introduction to clitoral vibrators.

Y’know, among my circle of friends I’ve often been known to say “Nothing beats a good bullet vibe”, and this toy never fails to remind me exactly why I say that. It’s rather quiet, it’s discreet, and it’s a great starter toy for anyone wanting to give vibrators a try.

The RO-120mm is part of a series of bullets by Rocks Off and, personally, I think it’s the best one they’ve done. The toy is 5 inches long, with an insertable length of 3.5 inches. This means that it strikes a happy medium ground in comparison to its bullet-brethren. The 80mm the vibrator is far too tiny to hold comfortably (especially when you throw lubricant into the mix), and the 160mm is slightly too large. So call me Goldilocks because think the size of this bullet is juuust right; At 5 inches the 120mm can sit comfortably in the hand for clitoral stimulation and doesn’t get in the way if you want to put anything else in the mix.

While the vibrations of this toy won’t satisfy any power queen, they are great for beginners. The toy has a buzz to it but it takes the time to spread out the vibrations so that they have a clear impact. The vibrations are pronounced and so well timed that it almost feels as if they ripple from one to another, which is rare to find in a bullet vibrator. The RO-120mm has 10 different function, which is a nice variety, but most of the time I just find myself using the strongest rapid vibration setting and not bothering with the patterned ones.

As with all vibrators, this one won’t appeal to everyone. While it can be inserted, it works better as a clitoral vibrator, so it’s not really worth purchasing for penetration unless you have a specific reason for wanting a small insertable. If you like very strong, deep, or rumbly vibrations then you’ll probably want to look elsewhere too. On top of this it’s not without its negative points.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone to switch out this toy for another one only to curse at its controls as it continues to buzz defiantly away at me. The control is a single button on the top of the toy that turns it off when you hold it down…if it wants to that is. More often or not you’ll find yourself slipping through the different settings in some kind of frustrating sex toy limbo, which can be a definite mood killer.

The other big issue is the logo on this toy. I can understand that Rocks Off want people to know who they are, but the best way to advertise yourself probably isn’t through small indentations in the bullet which are awkward to thoroughly clean. This is made doubly irksome because, without the logo, the toy would be a breeze to clean. But every rose has its thorns, I suppose.

Overall I would recommend this bullet vibe for anyone who has a curiosity for vibrators but doesn’t want to splash out. The 80mm might seem cheaper, but its vibrations cannot compare to this toy and its size makes it far too small to have an impact, so the 120mm is definitely worth the extra £10.

Recommend to:

People who are new to sex toys and want to be eased into the experience.

People who like clitoral vibrators.

People who want a compact vibrator.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like rumbly toys.

People who consider themselves to be ‘power queens’.

People who want a substantial insertable vibrator.

Toy Review: Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator

A strong toy with great potential for the right partner.

So here it is. The big one; Lovehoney’s alternative to the Hitachi, and I have to say that I had a rocky start with this toy.

While it may have been love at first sight when I looked at Lovehoney’s Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator on their website, my first few experiences with it were hardly the bed-rocking bliss that I had expected. Regardless I have since got to know this toy better and can now say that I believe it is well worth the money.

But enough about me for now, let’s talk about the toy.

The Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator is a UK-friendly take on the Hitachi wand.  The most significant changes are that the Lovehoney version is actually legal to use in the UK and has a UK plug. This means that you’re able to plug it in and go without worrying about getting an adapter and whether or not that greedy adapter is stealing some of your charge (for more information see Lovehoney’s own video, Magic Wands Compared).

The toy itself is 13 inches in length and has an overall circumference of 7.5 inches, so expect it to have some heft about it. The head of the toy is 2 inches long and has the same circumference as the toy.  It comes with a 1.8 meter long cable. The cable hasn’t been a problem for me (as I have a plug socket right next to my bedside) but users who aren’t so fortunate might want to be mindful of this, as you will want a bit of wiggle room when it comes to this toy’s cable.

All three Lovehoney wands together.

All three Lovehoney wands together.

Unlike the both the Hitachi and Lovehoney’s other wands, the Lovehoney Deluxe wand has a scroll wheel to control the strength of its vibrations, which you scroll down to increase the vibrations. At first I thought this was rather counterintuitive but as soon as you start using this vibrator it becomes apparent that the dial is just right, as you’ll often be holding the vibrator ‘upside down’. Personally I think this shows a lot of forethought from Lovehoney which I really appreciate. It shows that they care about the efficiency of their products. This can’t always be said when it comes to the sex toy industry, so bravo to you Lovehoney.

That being said the handle of the Deluxe is quite girthy and is best described as unwieldy. The material used for the handle is also rather unappealing, especially when compared to the silky texture provided by Lovehoney’s Mini wand. However, these are small gripes and are perhaps just par for the course when it comes to such a large toy. While the Deluxe is quite large, its cumbersome frame does come with some benefits. With such a big head this toy has multiple applications and can be used on most body parts.

So how does this toy perform?  Well, those who dislike buzzy vibrations are in for some good news when it comes to the deluxe. I’ve never owned a Hitachi, so I can’t compare the two, but the Deluxe has impressive strength and knows just how to use it. The vibrations that this toy produces are rumbling, deep, and tremble-inducing if used in the right way. Also, unlike the Macro and the Mini, the vibrations in the Deluxe do not travel through the handle much, which is a definite plus and leaves the user free to enjoy the vibrations that the head produces.

When I first received this toy I have to admit that I wasn’t instantly won over by its vibrations. As most of my previous vibrators had been of the buzzy-variety I found myself strangely indifferent to the rumbling treat that the Deluxe was trying to offer me. Even on the highest setting I found that my clitoris couldn’t be won over, and I wondered in some dismay if I would ever be able to enjoy the wand that I had looked at so longingly over on Lovehoney’s website. But, with some perseverance, I not only earned my orgasm from this toy, but gained immense satisfaction from it, so here are some of my personal notes.

When it comes to couples play, if you want to use this toy with your partner on top of you (one of my favourite positions for foreplay) then you’re probably out of luck. This toy is rather large and so it really doesn’t fulfill this role well.  This particular problem, though, is easily remedied with a little bit of position switching. Using the wand while on top of your partner can be very enjoyable.  For me this lead to the strong and persevering orgasm that I had hoped to get from this toy—which was a great relief as well as a huge source of satisfaction.

During sex this toy can still perform. My partner and I found that the best position to use for this toy was doggy style, with me applying it to my clitoris. On the stronger vibration levels your partner will be able to feel the vibrations rumbling through you and get the dual-satisfaction of feeling the vibrations themselves and knowing that the vibrations are so strong that they are travelling deep into your body.

When it comes to masturbation this toy has its own set of perks and complications. For those, like me, who like to put a vibe between their thighs, hold it close and squeeze for enjoyment then this toy may not be the best choice for you. Due to the size of the head and its flexible neck this toy tends to shy away from such methods and leaves you feeling thoroughly frustrated. The solution to this is to simply change method altogether. I found that lying on my back and adopting more of a thrusting motion meant that I got to enjoy the full-effect of the toy without having it shy away from me with every motion. Now, if you’re the type of person who prefers the first type of masturbation-method and has no desire to change style then it might be worthwhile to keep these points in mind. For others, though, this could be the perfect toy for solo play, and allow for a bit of steamy sexploration.

So, after all I’ve said, would I recommend this toy?

Yes I would.

This toy does have a few flaws. The handle is chunky, like all wands it’s not the quietest of vibrators, and like all Lovehoney wands it can be difficult to clean due to the ridges on its head and neck. Its chord can be a bit short for some, and it can sometimes be a turn-off to navigate when you’re in the moment. However, if you want a strong toy (with a variety of power levels) that provides rumbling vibrations and good body coverage then this toy is the gift that doesn’t stop giving.

£49.99 might sound like a rather steep price for a sex toy, but when you factor in its lack of batteries, its durability, and the experiences it can offer you and your partner then £49.99 seems like a small price to pay for a long term sexual investment.

Recommend to:

People who like rumbly, deep vibrations.

People who want a powerful sex toy.

People who want a versatile vibrator.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want an insertable vibrator.

People who like gentle vibrators.

People who like pin-point precision in their toys.

Toy Review: Lovehoney Mini Magic Wand Vibrator

My precious.

My precious.

To be completely frank I love this toy.

This toy has spoilt me, it’s changed me. It’s set the bar for all other toys of its kind. I love it.

Don’t get me wrong, this toy is still buzzy. If anything it’s buzzier than the Macro wand. But the Mini’s vibrations feel deeper and more pronounced. They’re like a particularly passionate activist standing up for its cause (and I never could resist a good cause).


Size comparison between the Macro and the Mini.

In all seriousness, though, this is a good toy but (again) it’s not for everyone, especially if you don’t like the aforementioned buzzy vibrators. The toy itself is 7.75 inches with a circumference of 4.5 inches, but the head is just short of 2 inches. Overall this leads to a nice balance between head, grip, and controller. The vibrator sits quite comfortably in my hand, and allows me to easily change between settings, and I think this would be the same for anyone with small-to-average hands.

This might not seem like riveting review material, but when you’ve got 8 settings to play around with hand placement is important. All 8 settings are wonderful and very powerful. My personal favourites are the first vibration setting, which is just its weakest default vibration (plane Jane, I know) and setting 7, which is a succession of rapid vibrations, but setting 8 is also interesting. Setting 8 goes from the very weakest vibrations it can muster to the most powerful and it can really help you get a taste for the toy.

As with a lot of multiple-setting toys, the Mini wand only has an on and off button, so if you accidentally push past your favourite setting then you either have to filter through all the settings again or turn it off and back on again. This is where the Lovehoney’s comfortable handle comes in though, as you can easily and quickly do either of these options. As an additional plus the buttons are pretty firm, so the chance of pushing through the settings accidentally is actually quite minimal.

Like the Micro, the Mini wand is primarily for clitoral stimulation but is great for other areas of the body too. I would recommend applying a healthy dose of lubricant, though, when using this toy on your genitalia. The vibrations are quite powerful and the head is made of a soft, rubbery material with a chain of ridges running along the head, so using it without lubricant can be quite painful, especially for those with unshaven pubic hair.

Sadly, this is where I have to go into more downsides. Because of the ridges on the head and neck this toy can be difficult to clean. A toothbrush helps but sometimes I’m still left  wondering if it’s as clean as it can be. Liquids and lube also cluster under the head of this toy, and it is rather difficult to clean that bit.


Those hard-to-clean bits can leave much to be desired.

This toy is also rather noisy. I’d say the Macro and the Mini produce about the same amount of noise, but the Mini has a lower pitch. As with the Macro, I think that the sound is manageable if you stay under the sheets with some music playing, but if you have roommates the noise is something to keep in mind.

One thing that might deter some people is that, although the handle has a wonderful texture and grip, it vibrates almost as much as the head does—so you might find yourself with a tingly, numb hand during a long play session. This didn’t deter me but, then again, I don’t need long with this toy before I’m floating in a blissful cloud of orgasmic glee.

The last problem is to do with the batteries. If you watch the demonstration video on the Mini wand’s product page then you’ll see how the batteries have to be put in this little plastic case, which is then inserted into the toy. This can be a bit fiddly and frustrating. It takes a bit of practice and I imagine it can be quite the mood-killer if the battery dies mid-toy session and you have to try and put some new ones in.

Okay. Bad stuff over.

Despite the flaws of this toy I can’t help but really love the Lovehoney Mini Magic Wand Vibrator. It’s small enough that it can be applied to my clitoris while my partner is on top of me, it’s powerful, and it’s a reliable way to orgasm. My first version of this toy broke and I was so sad that I rebound-ordered a bunch of other toys and sent off a form to Lovehoney requesting a replacement.

Lovehoney was very fast with their reply, asking what was wrong with the toy and sending off a replacement as soon as I told them. I didn’t have to send back the old toy, which left me the option of sending it off to Lovehoney’s  Rabbit Amnesty scheme—which allowed me to get some Oh! Points to put towards another toy (expect the review of that to come soon enough).

All-in-all I can definitely recommend this toy if you like buzzy vibrators and are looking for a toy with some power to it. This toy is substantial and, although it has a few downsides, the positives of this toy easily outweigh the negatives.

Recommend to:

People who like buzzy vibrators.

People who want power in their toys.

People who like their toys to be compact.

Do not recommend to:

People who dislike buzzy toys.

People who like easy-to-clean toys.

People who prefer gentler vibrations.