Can you really afford to feel shameful about sex?

No, really?

Think about that.

Life is so short.

Short and filled with faaaar too much bullshit.

The media tell you that your body must meet certain criteria.

Society tells you sex is private…discreet…taboo.

You tell yourself that you’re not good enough; not attractive enough, not conventional enough, not knowledgeable enough, not…enough.

Well, enough of that.

All of us only exist in this world in this way for a relatively short amount of time.

During that time many things are uncertain except for these three things:

The inevitably of death.

The desire to live (that is, free from suffering and pain).


The near-universal, animalistic drive to fuck.

With that final point human complexity comes to the forefront.

Fetishes, sex toys, inopportune opportune moments, sex as service, sex as no interest whatsoever, desire, depravity, cheap sex, rich fucks, orgies, organised cybersex, and so, so much more.

None of these desires should be dismissed and all of them are open for discussion…but where to start?

Well…why not start here?

About Emmeline Peaches Reviews

Emmeline Peaches Reviews started over 6 years ago as an adult product review site. It was run by a fearlessly crazy lady with a doctorate to do and creative energy to burn.

That crazy lady still exists, but now she has a PhD, is an ultramarathoner, has a serious sounding job, and a serious desire to talk about every aspect of sex, desire, and the body.

There are no doors barred here. Emmeline Peaches Reviews is shameless in every regard. Sometimes to the point of sleaze, sometimes to the point of academic splendour.

Affiliate links do exist on this site, as does paid content, and other people’s views, alongside my own. Like I said – this is a shameless site, and I want to give every aspect of the body and its experiences a platform.

It’s all sex, drugs, and rock and roll here…and maybe a dash of electroswing.

Shoot the Shit with Me

Are you a company that wants me to test and review a product for you? Are you just a fan who wants to make a request or recommendation? Either one is great so please feel free to get in touch using the contact form below.


This site contains content of an adult nature (inc. sex toys, erotica, and frank discussions about sex and sexual organs).

Anyone who is under the legal age in their country to view adult-orientated material or who is of a sensitive nature when it comes to sex should not view this blog.


Emmeline Peaches Reviews is a personal blog written primarily by a single author (with occasionaliguest posts).

I am not paid to review sex toys, however, I do occasionally receive free or discounted samples in exchange for an honest review of the product. They key word here is honest.

I will never sugar coat a review because I received the item for free. Both my readers and those who send me free samples want the truth, and that is what I provide.

Where possible I will let my readers know who sent me the free/discounted product in the spirit of full disclosure.

Emmeline Peaches Reviews is also a member of a few affiliate programmes focused on adult products. If readers decided to purchase via affiliate links Emmeline Peaches Reviews does earn a percentage. Where possible, though readers will be made aware of affiliate links so that it is their choice whether or not to use them.

Using these links helps secure the ongoing success of Emmeline Peaches Reviews, but no reader should feel obligated to use these links. If you do decide to use these links then we thank you, in advance, for your ongoing support.

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