Toy Review: Bad Dragon’s Elden the Faerie Dragon (Small Size/Medium Firmness)

Bad Dragon toys always feel like a treat, and Elden the Faerie Dragon is no exception. This toy is tantalizingly textured, with just a few downsides.

About Bad Dragon

For those who don’t know, Bad Dragon you might be in for a shock. Bad Dragon markets itself with the promise of ‘making fantasies real’ and, as such, most of their toys are inspired by mythical beasts—dragons, werewolves, griffins.

The company also does some toys based on animals (which might be off-putting for some) but, regardless of their influence, Bad Dragon toys are original, wonderfully creative, and brilliantly textured. This means that, even if you don’t want a romp with some fantastic creature, Bad Dragon’s toys can provide a pleasurable experience.

All of Bad Dragon’s toys are made out of high quality silicone, which means you can’t use silicone lube on them, but it also means that they’re nonporous and free of any nasty chemicals that you’d want to avoid. In addition to this you can customize the size, firmness, and colour of your toy, so you really do feel like a kid in a candy shop when looking through their site. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve browsed through bad Dragon’s product page and made up a hypothetical wish list, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done it more time than I should.

Bad Dragon also has ‘Adoptions’ available—toys that aren’t quite perfect, but that are perfectly fine to use, sold at a discounted price—so there’s always a chance to grab up a bargain toy if you’re not too picky.

It’s all of these particulars that make Bad Dragon feel like a wonderfully naughty treat, but does the Elden live up to expectations?

Elden the Faerie Dragon

The Elden is a delight to look at.

My Elden is small with a medium firmness and it looks absolutely gorgeous. I’ve found this to be the case with all of the Bad Dragon toys (and no photo ever seems to do them justice). I would honestly be happy to display my Elden proudly on a shelf if I didn’t think it might cause some red cheeks when friends and family visit. All of the textures on the Elden are very pronounced, and add a level of sensual elegance to the toy.

These textures are what really shine through with the Elden when using it. The ridges on Elden’s shaft are great for a little bit of clitoral tease (which ticks one of my core criteria) and they can be used as an effective build up before using it for penetration. When it comes to penetration the ridges of the Elden are what really stand out. All of the other bumps and contours on the shaft also join in with the fun providing very pleasurable sensations.

Thanks to the shape of the Elden the knot of this toy (where you’ll find the main bulk) is not too hard to insert, and with a little bit of play you should be able to guide it into yourself with ease. This was my experience when I used it vaginally, though I should stress that those who use it anally might find the experience different.

Inserting and removing the knot from the vagina causes a very distinct feeling. I found it similar to inserting and removing kegel exerciser balls, except with more girth to it.

All of this means that the Elden is a very nice product which offers two types of experience. If you just focus on the shaft then you can have a great time playing with the sensations that the texture provides, and if you start playing with the knot then you also get to experience a more girthy and pronounced type of play. But, of course, the Elden isn’t without some faults.

The Elden’s tip is an acquired taste.

The Elden has a rather sharp, almost triangular tip, which looks kind of like a love heart or a petal. Personally I found this tip too pointed and, at times, it has felt like this tip was scraping the inside of my vagina, which is not a pleasurable experience.

With all of the textures on the base of this toy I had also hoped that it would provide some clitoral stimulation while inserted. Sadly, for me, this isn’t the case, as the base if way too far away from the clitoris when inserted to ever be able to fulfil this purpose. Now, I’m not an unrealistic person, and I know that most dildos aren’t meant for clitoral fun times. But this toy bypassed the option to insert a cumtube in order to maintain its highly textured base and, with such a sacrifice, I had expected some kind of alternate benefit.

But both of these things are personal gripes and not necessarily fundamental issues with the toy. If, like me, you don’t like the tips of your toy to be too pointed, or had really hoped that the base of this toy was more than just aesthetic, then these issues are things to keep in mind, but I don’t think that they really detract from the overall quality of this toy.

SIze comparison between the Elden and a 225ml bottle of Sliquid.

That being said, if you’re a size queen I’d steer clear of the small Elden and try one of the heftier options. I’m no craver of girth but even I feel like I might benefit from purchasing a medium Elden. However, I do think this toy is a perfect Bad Dragon dildo for beginners. It’s small, yet elegant, the knot on it isn’t too intimidating but will provide users with a sample of what a knotted toy can offer, and all of Elden’s textures showcase the tactile delight that Bad Dragon toys so often provide.

Elden the Faerie Dragon provides a delightful experience while also being capable of easing newcomers into the world of Bad Dragon toys, and I would definitely recommend it for those with a fancy for fantasy.

Do Recommend to:

Newcomers to Bad Dragon toys.

Appreciators of texture.

People who want to indulge a particular fantasy.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike pronounced tips on their toys.

People who prefer sizeable dildos.

People who want a clitoral attachment on their dildo.

2 thoughts on “Toy Review: Bad Dragon’s Elden the Faerie Dragon (Small Size/Medium Firmness)

  1. It’s so cute and little! I really have to get one now. I have a small Breeder in the hard firmness, so I don’t think the tip of Elden will bother me at all.

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