Comics -A witty little sex comedy which switches between the ongoing adventures of the apprentice to a sex-Queen and stand-alone shorts. Admittedly, there have been a lot more shorts stories as-of-late, and that is rather disappointing, but I guarantee you will get at least a chuckle out of what this comic series has to offer. –Sunstone is hosted on Deviantart, and looks at the relationship between two women who have decided to become best friends and BDSM buddies. The concept may sound a bit outlandish when I put it like that, but in reality the comic has some wonderful moments between characters as they explore what BDSM means to them. Think of it like a character focused story with sex thrown in as an added bonus. –Oh Joy, Sex Toy is a sex review comic. It takes all that you would expect from a sex toy review and puts it into a colourful, well-drawn, comic format. While that concept is appealing in and of itself, the author also has a lot of good things to say about adult products. Her review style is informative and to the point. Another one I highly recommend.

Youtube Channels -Laci Green’s Sex+ is a wonderful little Youtube channel looking to educate people on sex though the stance of sex positivity. Laci herself is an acquired taste. I’ve known some people to really like the information she has to provide, but they find her presenting style to be a bit peppy for their personal tastes. I personally think it’s great to see someone who is so upbeat and positive in their reviews (enthusiasm is contagious after all). At the end of the day feel free to make up your own mind about this sex positive Youtuber. -Some videos addressing the LGBT community in a light-hearted and comedic manner. In particular I recommend What Gay Guys Think About VaginasWhat Lesbians Think About Penises, and What Old People Think About Gay Sex. -In particular, this video.


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